116 Fish Names All Owners Should Know

We give lots of consideration to the Fidos and the Garfields on the market, however what about all of the pet fish floating round? These little guys might not cuddle up with us in mattress, however they’re nonetheless worthy of a reputation, no? In honor of all our aquatic associates tanked all over the world, we have determined to place collectively an inventory of our absolute favourite fish names. Under, you will discover well-liked picks for boys, women, and bettas, in addition to well-known, humorous choices.

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Do Pet Fish Want Names?

Not like different domesticated animals, fish cannot acknowledge their names; so giving them a reputation is not precisely mandatory—however it’s enjoyable! And, as a result of you possibly can’t work together with these little guys in methods you’ll a canine or a cat, a cute title to your fish may help make up for the bodily boundaries between you.

That mentioned, they can hear your voice they usually can create associations between sure sounds and actions. So, when you say their title throughout feeding time, they will finally equate their title with meals. It isn’t precisely “catch,” nevertheless it’s not unhealthy, both.

Though, if video games are what you are after, then we should always clue you into somewhat one thing superior: Betta fish can acknowledge their proprietor’s voices to such an extent that they’ll truly be taught to carry out methods in response to particular auditory instructions.

Remember that this potential is restricted to the species. These fish are recognized for his or her excessive intelligence and highly effective instincts. Whereas different fish species is perhaps prettier to take a look at, you most likely will not have a lot luck coaching them. So if you’d like methods, follow the bettas.

How Do Of us Determine on Cool Fish Names?

two blue fish in a fish bowl. deciding on fish names for new pets.
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Naming your fishy associates does not need to be laborious. As a result of you do not have to fret about them working off, you needn’t preserve it brief, easy, or straightforward to acknowledge. These names may be as advanced and multisyllabic as you need.

They can be extremely customized. Many individuals get concepts from films they’ve seen or books they’ve learn. You may also look to their look for some inspiration.

Take into consideration your fish’s colour, patterns, and dimension when selecting a reputation. For instance, you could possibly title a brightly coloured fish “Rainbow” or a small fish “Tiny.” Or, you possibly can take a look at the checklist under for much more choices.

Well-known Fish Names

  1. Moby Dick: Let’s make Herman Melville proud.
  2. Ariel: As within the Disney basic The Little Mermaid. Want we are saying extra?
  3. Flounder: Identical as above, however extra of a supporting character.
  4. Nemo: Certainly, that is already a family title.
  5. Dory: This one too, proper?
  6. Wanda: Get it? From the 1988 comedy A Fish Referred to as Wanda.
  7. Flipper: We is perhaps ageing ourselves with this one, however who might neglect about this tv basic?
  8. Bubba Gump: “Shrimp is the fruit of the ocean.”
  9. Don Lino: Do we have now any Shark Story followers right here?
  10. Sebastian: We promise, it is our final one from below the ocean. For now.

Cute Fish Names

Goldfish With Shocked Look on His Face.
Shutterstock / Katrina Brown
  1. Fish n’ Chips: Simply do not get any concepts.
  2. Bubbles: An oldie, however a goodie.
  3. Small Fry: Just a bit too on-the-nose.
  4. Smelly: It is endearing, we promise.
  5. Billy Bass: Everybody loves somewhat alliteration.
  6. Squirt: A basic nickname.
  7. Taco: Not actually, after all.
  8. Guppy: It simply sounds proper.
  9. Plankton: What we will say, some phrases simply make for nice names.
  10. Scuttle: OK, so possibly we weren’t carried out with The Little Mermaid simply but.
  11. Speedy: Significantly, these guys are quick.

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Intelligent Fish Names

  1. Captain Jack: This man is aware of how one can have enjoyable.
  2. Swim Shady: Simply do not ask him to face up.
  3. Lengthy John Silver: A person of the ocean.
  4. Fin: A longtime title match for a fish.
  5. Katie Present: We love getting punny.
  6. Invoice Nye the Science Fry: Significantly, we find it irresistible.
  7. James Pond: A bit fish in a giant…
  8. Gil Clinton: Come on, this one is simply too good.
  9. Merlin: A nod to all of the Marlins on the market.
  10. Bait: A bit cheeky? Certain.

Humorous Fish Names

funny picture of a sardine taking a bath
Shutterstock / Alexiuz
  1. Sea Monster: She could also be small, however she is fierce.
  2. Ollie Otter: We weren’t joking about alliteration.
  3. Sushi: A bit darkish humor, anybody?
  4. Mahi Mahi: A scrumptious fish with an incredible title.
  5. Guppi Goldberg: She’s positive to make you snigger.
  6. Kraken: Every part below the ocean is honest recreation.
  7. Pescatarian: Get it?
  8. Houdini: Now you see me, now you do not.
  9. Mr. Fish: Formal titles solely.
  10. Spot: Wait till the visitors discover on the market’s no canine.
  11. Puckerface: Descriptive names work properly.

Foolish Fish Names for Pet Duos

  1. Bonnie and Clyde: An ideal pair.
  2. Romeo and Juliet: Star-crossed lovers.
  3. One Fish and Two Fish: We love you, Dr. Seuss.
  4. Jane and Doe: For all of the true crime followers on the market.
  5. Mario and Luigi: “Let’s-a go!”
  6. Gilligan and Skipper: A story of a fateful journey.
  7. Thelma and Louise: Women tank.
  8. Corridor and Oates: Music issues.
  9. Salmon and Gillfunkel: A hilarious new take.
  10. Nic Cage and John Travolta: Face/Off, anybody?
  11. Zig and Zag: Appears straightforward sufficient.
  12. Han Solo and Chewie: For nerdy fish followers.
  13. Salt and Pepper: Does something go higher collectively?
  14. Minnie and Mickey: For all of the Disney fanatics.

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Male Fish Names

rainbow fish with black background
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  1. Lenny: It is catchy, a minimum of.
  2. Poseidon: There are lots of boy fish names on the market, however there’s just one God of the Sea.
  3. Aquaman: This one simply appears proper.
  4. Atlas: A cosmopolitan form of fish.
  5. Captain: A person of the ocean.
  6. Willie: Do not overthink it.
  7. Louie: Easy, and straight to the purpose.
  8. Jacques: A Mediterranean form of man.
  9. Gizmo: This one is a well-liked choose for canine, so why not fish?
  10. Orion: Of the sky and of the ocean.

Woman Fish Names

  1. Electra: An awesome title for a flashy fish.
  2. Selkie: It is nautical, a minimum of.
  3. Pleasure: She’s actually stuffed with it.
  4. Coral: Preserving it aquatic.
  5. Pearl: Once more with the ocean theme.
  6. Lola: If it is adequate for a canine, it is adequate for a fish.
  7. Ursula: Of all the feminine fish names on the market, this one is certain to depart an impression.
  8. Nova: Shiny stars, brilliant scales.
  9. Angel: She positive is.
  10. Sparkle: Nice for a fish with shiny scales.

Good Names for Goldfish

goldfish in a bowl
Shutterstock / Mirek Kijewski
  1. Goldie: It is nearly too straightforward.
  2. Tropicana: Everybody’s favourite option to get up.
  3. Sunny: It is heat, it is catchy; what extra might you ask for?
  4. Firefly: Full of sunshine.
  5. Blaze: A fiery choose.
  6. Butterscotch: Candy and scrumptious.
  7. Clementine: This one works for any species.
  8. Cunning: A sassy choose.
  9. Cheeto: Flamin’ scorching, maybe?
  10. Ginger: We could not resist.

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Betta Fish Names

  1. Rocky: A fighter by means of and thru.
  2. Ninja: He is acquired a couple of strikes below his belt.
  3. Jaws: Swim at your individual threat.
  4. Tsunami: Simply await what this man has in retailer.
  5. Bruce: A bit understated.
  6. Hulk: Simply unbelievable.
  7. Luther: Seems, he did not die a hero.
  8. Brutus: Do not flip your again on him.
  9. Neptune: Grasp of the ocean.
  10. Splash: He’ll trigger one, for positive.
  11. Hammerhead: Fierce and feared.

Names for White Fish

white betta fish with black background
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  1. Chowder: New England fashion, after all.
  2. Whitey: Too straightforward.
  3. Vanilla Bean: A bit one thing candy to recollect him by.
  4. Snowflake: Is there something whiter than snow?
  5. Marshmallow: These solely are available in one colour, proper?
  6. Powder: An awesome title for a chalky aquatic good friend.
  7. Nice White: It isn’t what you assume.
  8. Betta White: Once more with the puns.
  9. Beluga: The white whale.
  10. Kendall: No, not that Kendall.

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Blue Fish Names

  1. Sky: Blue above, blue under. Is sensible, proper?
  2. Sapphire: Everybody’s favourite blue stone.
  3. Bluebell: Does it get sweeter than this?
  4. Huckleberry: Come to consider it, his final title is not a again choose both.
  5. Navy: It is nautical, a minimum of.
  6. Indigo: Also referred to as “ultramarine.”
  7. Azure: Just like the sky above.
  8. Cookie Monster: Our favourite blue creature.
  9. Papa Smurf/Smurfette: For each the boys and the women.

Wrapping Up

That is it for our checklist of fish names. You’ll want to examine again with us quickly for extra concepts to share with those you’re keen on. You may also join our publication so you do not miss out!

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