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4 Scents That Attract Snakes to Your Yard, Experts Say

Nobody desires to enter their yard and are available head to head with a slithering reptile. However unbeknownst to many, there are specific scents that may very well be attracting snakes. Whether or not they’re in search of meals, shelter, or water (or all the above), they’re going to sniff out what they want.

“Snakes primarily ‘scent’ their atmosphere by means of a course of known as chemoreception,” notes A.H. David, a snake professional and founding father of Pest Management Weekly. He explains that they cannot scent like people do with a nostril and as a substitute make the most of a specialised organ known as the Jacobson’s Organ, or the vomeronasal organ. “That is related to their mouth, and once they flick their tongue out, they acquire particles from the air that are then processed by means of this organ.” Finally, they’ll discover chemical cues or “smells” of their atmosphere.

Talking to David and different pest consultants, we discovered which scents appeal to snakes so you may rid your yard of them. Hold studying to seek out out the smells that can convey these unwelcome friends out and about.

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Rat Crawling Around
Carlos Aranguiz/Shutterstock

Snakes aren’t essentially eager about your meals sources like trash or leftover scraps, however their prey is. And if you happen to’re attracting rodents, it is doubtless that snakes will not be far behind. They’re certainly one of their greatest sources of meals, in any case.

“The scent of rodents similar to rats, mice, or hamsters can appeal to many species of snakes, significantly bigger species similar to pythons, boa constrictors, and plenty of sorts of rat snakes,” says David.

Garcia notes that in case your yard has plenty of rodent odors like droppings or urine, it may also be a focus for snakes, even when the rodent itself is not current.

Multiple Snakes in the Grass
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It isn’t shocking that snake scents will appeal to extra snakes. “Snakes can sense pheromones, that are particular chemical compounds launched by animals of the identical species,” says David.

Whereas they are not going to feed on others of their form, they’re going to be out and about extra. The pheromones can sign many issues, together with being able to discover a mate, David tells Finest Life. Male snakes could also be looking out for feminine snakes, particularly throughout mating season.

In line with Snake Guard, scents should be contemporary to enact a feeding response or curiosity. After they lose a scent they’re going to migrate elsewhere to seek out both a mate or extra meals.

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Bird Feeder in Front Yard
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“Snakes comply with the scent of their prey, and since most snakes are ‘ambush’ predators, they arrange in these areas which have scent left behind from their prey,” explains Nichols.

For instance, David says rat snakes feed on hen eggs, so “the scent of birds, their droppings, or their nests may probably appeal to these species.”

Chook baths could also be further engaging since they’re full of water and infrequently cool, which is strictly what snakes have to hydrate and survive.

Little Brown Frog on Rocks
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Snakes are recognized for being opportunistic feeders. Primarily, they crawl about till they encounter a contemporary scent or a motion—which then turns into their meals supply.

“For water-dwelling or semi-aquatic snakes similar to water snakes or sure sorts of garter snakes, the scent of amphibians like frogs or toads, in addition to fish, may be enticing,” says David.

As beforehand talked about, snakes are additionally interested in water, so it is key to drive any of those creatures away so snakes do not take up residence both.