5 Items You Should Never Store Under Your Bed, According to Experts

Beneath the mattress could be your go-to place to place something you may’t discover the house for, however chances are you’ll need to assume twice about what you are stashing down there. Sure objects can find yourself affecting the air high quality and cleanliness of you room, whereas others may simply get ruined. “Your objects can get broken by mud, moisture, bugs, or rodents,” Artem Kropovinsky, an inside designer and founding father of Arsight tells Greatest Life. “They’ll additionally lose their worth, high quality, or relevance over time.”

Preserve studying to be taught in regards to the objects dwelling specialists say ought to by no means be saved beneath your mattress.

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A standard merchandise many individuals preserve beneath their mattress, which may even be beneath yours proper now (no judgment), is baggage. Seems, that under-the-bed suitcase could be the explanation your room is so dusty.

“Baggage can acquire mud, dust, and allergens, which may negatively have an effect on the bed room’s air high quality and worsen allergic reactions or bronchial asthma signs,” explains Kropovinsky. “Conserving baggage beneath the mattress could make it difficult to scrub and vacuum the world, resulting in a buildup of mud and allergens.”

As an alternative of stuffing your suitcases and duffle luggage beneath your mattress, attempt to preserve these things in a devoted storage space—like a closet, attic, or basement—the place it’s much less more likely to influence the cleanliness and air high quality of your bed room.

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It is tempting to stash papers and paperwork like passports or delivery certificates beneath your mattress, however you may need to rethink that call.

“[It can] result in them getting soiled, broken, or tough to entry in an emergency,” says Olivia Parks, lead organizer and proprietor of Skilled Organizer New Orleans.

Papers may also turn into flammable, maintain mould, or deteriorate when saved beneath your mattress. It is best to preserve essential paperwork in plastic bins in an area that won’t retain moisture, advises Leslie Kilgour, private organizer and founding father of Get It Straight. Even higher, retailer them in a “safe, fire-resistant protected or container so that they’re each protected and straightforward to entry when wanted,” suggests Parks.

The identical logic applies to books and magazines.

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When you can by no means have sufficient footwear, because the saying goes, you then in all probability do not have sufficient space for storing to your footwear both. However stashing your footwear beneath your mattress could cause them to get dusty, soiled, or broken. “Filth and dirt buildup could cause discoloration of the footwear…and even deterioration of the fabric,” says Kilgour.

They’ll additionally get broken beneath your mattress as a result of “restricted house and potential overcrowding can crush footwear,” Parks explains. In attempting to suit yet one more merchandise beneath your mattress in what appears like a recreation of Tetris, you could be unknowingly squashing your favourite heels you had been storing away for particular events.

Kropovinsky suggests protecting your footwear both in shoe racks, containers, in a closet, entryway, or a dangling shoe organizer. However in the event you actually don’t have any different house to your footwear apart from beneath your mattress, Brandie Larsen and Ryan Eiesland of HomeSort say to at the very least retailer them in an under-bed shoe organizer to maintain them in prime situation.

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You could be tempted to stash your previous pc or stereo system beneath your mattress, pondering they will be protected down there. However it seems, this can’t solely destroy these gadgets, however they’ll additionally turn into a hearth danger.

“It’s inadvisable to retailer digital gadgets and batteries beneath your mattress,” Kropovinsky stresses. “These things could be negatively affected by temperature adjustments, mud, and humidity, leading to harm or diminished efficiency. Furthermore, storing electronics near the mattress may current a hearth danger if a malfunction happens.”

These costly objects may also turn into a goal for theft as a result of “it is simpler for folks to seek out [them] and presumably steal,” Kilgour warns.

As an alternative, you will need to preserve any digital or battery-operated gadgets in a “temperate, dry location away from direct daylight and dampness, corresponding to a devoted space for storing or a drawer,” says Kropovinsky.

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The house beneath your mattress may begin changing into a catch-all for issues you do not use usually or simply have nowhere else to retailer. And whereas this may really feel handy for the time being, over time it may possibly create an issue, particularly if the objects do not really match (like that cardboard field you needed to squish to get beneath there).

“Your mattress is the point of interest of your bed room,” says Kropovinsky. “Having objects peeking out from beneath your mattress can smash this impact and make your mattress appear like it is floating on a pile of junk.”

He additionally notes that this could make it tough, if not unimaginable, to scrub and vacuum beneath your mattress, which may result in mud accumulation and poor air high quality.


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