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6 Mosquito Repellent Hacks That Actually Work, Experts Say

Mosquitoes—and their itchy, irritating bites—could be probably the most disagreeable elements of summertime. That is very true for these of us who’re susceptible to attracting the bugs, or who dwell in areas the place they’re transmitting illnesses. For these causes, many individuals have taken it upon themselves to give you intelligent methods to maintain mosquitoes at bay, from grating a sure name-brand cleaning soap to taking harmful steps with espresso grounds. However do these mosquito repellent hacks work? We spoke with pest specialists to seek out out. Learn on for his or her ideas on these viral developments, and recommendation on really repelling mosquitoes.

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A stack of Irish Spring soap on display at a supermarket.
MDV Edwards / Shutterstock

Of all of the mosquito repellent hacks making the rounds on social media, that is the one which has most likely garnered essentially the most consideration this summer time.

“All you want to do is grate some Irish Spring cleaning soap … and place it on the bottom exterior,” says @damyralynch in a latest TikTok video.

Whereas this methodology hasn’t been scientifically confirmed, Shannon Harlow-Ellis, affiliate licensed entomologist and technical specialist at Mosquito Joe, a Neighborly firm, notes that Irish Spring cleaning soap accommodates picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus.

“These are two components that the Environmental Safety Company (EPA) recommends on the lookout for when deciding on a mosquito repellent,” she says. “Subsequently, Irish Spring cleaning soap may very well be an efficient mosquito repellent hack.”

Emma Grace Crumbley, entomologist at Mosquito Squad, provides that this methodology is non-toxic and will not hurt your vegetation. Nevertheless, she does warning that you will want numerous cleaning soap shavings (which you may should shave your self) to cowl massive areas of your yard.

“It has additionally been recommended that this methodology could also be simpler in opposition to rodents than bugs,” Crumbley factors out.

Mentholated Rub
Enriscapes / Shutterstock

In line with TikToker @_ceo_of_randomness, mosquitoes hate the scent of Vicks VapoRub and Mentholatum, two over-the-counter topical ointments.

She suggests placing a spoonful of every into an outdated spray bottle, then filling it with very popular water. “You could possibly even spray it in your legs,” she says, including that it smells nice.

Crumbley shares that utilizing Vicks is a mosquito-repellent hack that is been round for some time, as folks cite the menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oils as scents the bugs dislike.

“It’s recognized that mosquitoes don’t like sure scents, so it isn’t unreasonable to suppose that rubbing scented ointment on the pores and skin would discourage a mosquito from biting you,” she explains. “It is also attainable that the slickness of the petroleum jelly on the pores and skin additionally discourages mosquitoes from touchdown and biting you.”

Once more, this has not been scientifically confirmed, and Crumbly warns that it shouldn’t be used in your garden, “because the components in VapoRub are poisonous to canine and wildlife even when diluted.”

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Dark Coffee Grounds
Nor Gal/Shutterstock

Espresso is one other family merchandise that is been common as a mosquito repellent hack on TikTok as of late. Whereas some individuals are merely sprinkling floor espresso alongside the periphery of their lawns, others are lighting it on fireplace till it smokes. The hack right here is that the robust scent masks human scents that might in any other case appeal to the bugs to folks.

Proper off the bat, we’ll say that the latter methodology is harmful and shouldn’t be used.

“There may be some analysis that means that mosquitoes are repelled by espresso,” shares Crumbly. “Nevertheless, espresso grounds could be very enticing to different animals equivalent to birds or, in excessive circumstances, bears. Whereas this methodology requires easy components which might be generally discovered within the family and may promote plant progress, I like to recommend contemplating different DIY options to cut back the chance of attracting different animals to your yard.”

In its place, Harlow-Ellis suggests utilizing garlic (poisonous to canine and cats, nevertheless), thyme oil/thyme leaves, and citronella vegetation as gadgets that deter mosquitoes with their scents.

If you happen to do need to use the espresso hack, contemplate it for those who discover mosquitoes indoors.

Citronella oil on citronella grass leave and lemongrass background
joloei / Shutterstock

Talking of citronella, one other hack that is develop into common is to place citronella oil in a small bowl with a cotton ball and go away it within the space you are sitting.

However Crumbley says that so as to make this efficient, you’d want numerous bowls positioned round your yard, which suggests numerous citronella oil (learn=costly).

“Citronella oils are additionally poisonous to pets, so you may must apply warning when utilizing this methodology in order to not hurt your furry mates,” she provides.

Harlow-Ellis agrees that the bowl methodology might be not the very best, however she does say that “utilizing a mix of important oils like citronella and lemongrass could be an efficient approach to repel flying bugs.” She provides, “You possibly can merely apply them to your uncovered pores and skin or use oil diffusers.”

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dawn soap

TikToker @martinarreaga shared a video displaying herself mixing Daybreak dish detergent, apple cider vinegar, sugar, and water in aluminum foil trays, then putting the trays in problematic areas to repel mosquitoes and flies.

“This hack is much like an entomology approach used to catch bugs within the subject referred to as ‘pan trapping,'” shares Crumbley. “The thought is to place water with slightly cleaning soap in a colourful bowl—one thing the goal insect can see, like stable blue or purple. The colour attracts the insect to land on the water or drink from it, however the cleaning soap within the water breaks the water pressure and causes the insect to fall in and drown. On this hack, apple cider vinegar looks like the attractant, however the process is similar.”

“Most DIY mosquito repellents ought to incorporate a base equivalent to vinegar, witch hazel, coconut oil, or isopropyl alcohol with a necessary oil,” provides Harlow-Ellis.

For a do-it-yourself rosemary repellent, she advises mixing 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup water, and 40 drops of rosemary important oil. Or, for an excellent less complicated repellent, she shares that you could merely combine 1/3 cup of coconut oil with 15 drops of peppermint important oil.

hand holding circular white mosquito tablet insecticide over rain barrel with water
Justin Smith / iStock

This is not as a lot of a hack, since mosquito donuts are a product available at most house and backyard shops, nevertheless it appears TikTokers have actually taken to them.

The favored model title is Mosquito Dunks, and as Summit Chemical explains, they appear “like a small, beige donut which floats on standing water. As [it] slowly dissolves, it releases a bacterium which is poisonous to all species of mosquito larvae.”

And since mosquitoes love nothing greater than standing water, they’re fast to take a dip within the resolution.

TikTok person @thegarbagequeen notes that she lives within the South and has an issue with mosquitoes yearly. “This yr, I am attempting Mosquito Dunks,” she says. “In contrast to mosquito foggers, these do not kill each different insect in your yard.”

Fellow TikToker @dianealber crammed massive buckets a few third of the way in which with water, positioned one donut in every, after which set the buckets across the periphery of her yard. “It’s pet protected,” she provides, “so if a pet by chance drinks the water, it is OK.”

In relation to this hack, Crumbley is a fan. “Though mosquito donuts solely have an effect on larvae, controlling mosquito breeding grounds is essential to managing your mosquito inhabitants,” she says. “I like to recommend pairing this with different management methods for the very best outcomes.”

Using pest control spray in yard
Parilov / Shutterstock

“A number of components of mosquito management could be DIY initiatives,” in keeping with Crumbley. “Eradicating standing water, maintaining a tidy yard, and treating water fixtures with mosquito donuts all assist cut back the variety of mosquitoes dwelling and breeding in your garden.”

“Nevertheless, experimental ‘hacks’ involving spraying chemical compounds and important oils round your property could be harmful if untested and executed incorrectly,” she provides. “One of the best ways to implement mosquito life hacks is to make use of them with skilled pest remedy.”