6 Ways to Keep Snakes Out of Your Kitchen, According to Experts

6 Ways to Keep Snakes Out of Your Kitchen, According to Experts

Snakes are out and about much more than typical because of the hotter temperatures and their aim to discover a mate earlier than hibernating within the winter. Since they’ll slither by means of nearly any space they select, they might find yourself in your home—and that could possibly be your attic, your base***t, or maybe even your kitchen. And in the event that they’re hungry, that is likely to be the primary place they go to search out their subsequent meal. To safeguard your culinary oasis, learn on to learn how pest consultants say you’ll be able to preserve snakes out of your kitchen.

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Sealing a Window

Snakes can slither by means of surprisingly small areas and openings—particularly in the event that they’re searching for meals. Consultants say it is essential to seal any areas round doorways or home windows and to pay particular consideration to cracks within the partitions or flooring.

“For sealing, you need to use caulk or increasing foam for small cracks, and contemplate putting in door sweeps on doorways main outdoors,” says A.H. David, a snake professional and founding father of Pest Management Weekly.

Nicole Carpenter, CEO at Black Pest Prevention, recommends protecting vents and pipes with mesh screens as one other approach to deny snake entry. “This may enable correct air flow whereas maintaining snakes out,” she says. “Make certain the mesh dimension is sufficiently small to forestall even the smallest snake from squeezing by means of.”

Crushed Garlic on Counter

There is no must resort to dangerous sprays or powders: You may preserve snakes away out of your kitchen just by utilizing scents that they hate—and what’s even higher is that this stuff are already within the kitchen.

Garlic or cinnamon are two straightforward choices. “You solely must crush just a few cloves of garlic and place them within the kitchen at some particular factors reminiscent of cupboards, home windows, beneath the sink, and so forth. as a result of snakes love to cover largely at these factors,” says Izzy Foxx, a zoologist and founding father of Wildly Animals.

For those who do not need to depart garlic cloves out (they’re toxic to canine and cats), you may make a sprig utilizing garlic oil and water to make use of round varied areas of the kitchen, Fox tells Finest Life. Or, you’ll be able to sprinkle floor cinnamon across the perimeter to keep away from the garlic stench.

Pure repellents are straightforward and efficient, however David notes which you can additionally choose some up at any industrial retailer. “At all times learn and comply with the directions on the product’s packaging and remember that their effectiveness varies and infrequently will depend on the kind of snake,” he says.

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Rear view of a young woman organizing her kitchen at home.

“Snakes are interested in cluttered areas as they supply hiding spots,” says Mustafa Tshash, co-founder of How To Pets. So, it is best to maintain your kitchen neat and arranged to remove any attainable hideouts.

“Frequently examine and clear storage areas like cupboards, cabinets, and underneath home equipment,” says Carpenter. Do not overstuff something and preserve containers or dishes stacked properly.

To cease snakes from getting in your home in any respect, ensure that your yard can also be cleared of any particles—wooden piles, leaves, and tall vegetation are all potential hiding spots.

Leftovers in Fridge
Joe Belanger/Shutterstock

Whereas this will likely appear apparent, it isn’t good to depart meals out or have crumbs in your countertop, because it might entice rodents or bugs—key components in a snake’s weight loss program.

“Do not depart meals out on counters, and guarantee pantry objects are sealed,” says David. “This is not going to solely discourage snakes who is likely to be interested in the scent but additionally the rodents that snakes prey on.”

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Sealed Trash Can

Not solely are snakes interested in meals, however they will also be interested in waste, and your kitchen is a hotspot for that. It is essential to correctly seal and retailer your trash cans and take them out usually to keep away from pests.

“Use tightly becoming lids and contemplate storing bins away from the kitchen space to cut back the probability of snakes being interested in them,” says Tshash.

Cat Walking Across Kitchen Floor
The Len/Shutterstock

“Cats and sure breeds of canine are recognized to be pure predators of snakes and may act as deterrents,” says David.

“It is also value noting that not all cats will naturally go after snakes, and a few snakes may be harmful to cats,” says Sabrina Kong, DVM, veterinary marketing consultant at WeLoveDoodles. “It is a little bit out-of-the-box and never solely foolproof, but it surely does introduce a predator into the combo.”

For those who do see a snake in your kitchen, positively name an expert—getting them out is not a DIY alternative.

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