8 Surprising Things in Your Yard That Attract Mice to Your Home

8 Surprising Things in Your Yard That Attract Mice to Your Home

Whether or not you are entertaining visitors for an out of doors get together, stress-free in your deck with a e book, or working in your backyard, your yard can function a private oasis—and also you’d most likely prefer to maintain it that method. Sadly, that house might also be appearing as a haven for pests, particularly mice, who can then simply discover their method into your property. Undecided what could possibly be bringing these critters round? We consulted pest specialists to search out out what issues in your yard could also be attracting mice to your property. Maintain studying to search out out extra about these mouse magnets.

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8 Issues in Your Yard That Entice Mice

1. Chook feeders

Small mouse in a hanging bird feeder

When you’ve got a fowl feeder round your property, it might be attracting extra than simply robins and bluejays. Megan Cavanaugh, a pest management professional and co-owner of Executed Proper Pest Options, beforehand instructed Finest Life that these additionally draw rodents.

“Nuts and seeds are a favourite meals of mice,” she mentioned. “Mice, like all animals, are all the time in search of meals sources. When you’ve got a meals supply in or round your property, they’ll be drawn to it.”

As a result of the birds that these feeders entice don’t are inclined to prey on mice, the meals supply turns into a protected, simple cease for mice to seize a free meal. Subsequently, all fowl feeders must be staged 25 ft from constructions, based on Jim McHale, president of JP McHale Pest Administration.

2. Compost


Composting is an effective way to supply natural fertilizer at house whereas retaining your waste out of landfills. However that compost pile may also be attracting mice, based on The Turfgrass Group. First, it supplies shelter. Second, it serves as a supply of meals, they clarify.

To cut back the possibilities of attracting mice to your pile, they counsel investing in a heavy-duty plastic compost tumbler that raises your compost off the bottom and encloses it inside a chamber that rodents cannot enter. (Plus, this methodology will get your compost to the wealthy fertilizer section quicker.) And once more, maintain composting areas a protected distance from your property.

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3. Pure muddle

raking leaves in a leaf-covered yard

“An over-arching theme to combatting rodent invasion is to scale back extra vegetation, frequent mowing, weed administration, and chopping again progress across the ‘ecotone’ areas. (The realm the place managed garden space ends and wooded space begins),” says McHale.

Mice particularly gravitate in direction of particles like twigs and leaves to hunt refuge from predators. Eliminating all the surplus will ship them elsewhere to search out cowl.

If mice are taking over residence exterior, it does not all the time imply they are going to transfer indoors, nevertheless it actually will increase the possibilities.

4. Pet meals

open container of dog kibble
Shutterstock / J.A. Dunbar

Meg Pearson, coaching supervisor at Trutech Wildlife Service, explains that mice are foragers and can search alternatives to feed wherever they go. They do not essentially care what they eat, and pet meals is pretty much as good of an choice as any.

This one follows the identical logic because the fowl feeder: The meals you plan for different animals makes an amazing snack for hungry mice, so maintain it contained. McHale advises storing pet meals in sealed plastic containers. That is particularly vital when you’re retaining it in your storage or base***t, locations the place mice have a tendency to cover out.

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5. Open trash cans

Trash bins

Simply as mice can discover meals in compost piles or fowl feeders, they will discover it in unsealed trash cans. Exchange any such bins with people who have locking lids. Along with ensuring all trash is contained, McHale suggests retaining the bins in a closed storage for additional precaution.

6. Unsealed cracks and holes

crumbling concrete steps

As soon as you’ve got inspected the objects in your yard, test across the exterior of your property for any exterior cracks or holes by which rodents can enter. Mice can squeeze by holes as small as a quarter-inch, says Pearson. Give your self the absolute best likelihood of retaining them out by sealing any potential entry factors—together with vents, home windows, or chimneys—with wire mesh or caulk.

“As a result of mice have highly effective tooth and are extremely motivated by out there meals and heat shelter, they will additionally simply create holes or enlarge present holes to get inside,” says Pearson. She provides that they will climb texturized vertical surfaces in addition to bounce greater than a foot off the bottom.

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7. Development

Person Digging in Yard

In the event you’re doing any building or renovations, you would possibly unknowingly be attracting mice, particularly since they generally stay in dust.

“New improvement causes digging within the floor which frequently leads to mice leaving their earlier house and as an alternative in search of a brand new house corresponding to your home or surrounding areas,” says Sebastian Jania, proprietor of Ontario Property Patrons.

8. Standing water

Bucket of Rainwater Outside
Olya Detry/Shutterstock

Like mosquitoes, mice are drawn to standing water and revel in darkish, moist areas. Any extra moisture from a storm, a leaky hose, or better of all, a water fountain, could possibly be bringing extra of those rodents out and about.

If there is not sufficient water within the yard, it is probably mice might head inside your property subsequent. “It is for that reason that if you are going to go away a home vacant it is extremely vital to maintain the water off; this is able to even embody a shed or a storage and ensuring that their water provide is off if you may be away for a while,” shares Jania.

In the event you do spot mice in your yard, Pearson says you may need to act rapidly, “as they will simply contaminate human meals and water provides.” In these conditions, it is all the time advisable to name in knowledgeable.

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