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8 Things in Your Yard That Are Attracting Snakes to Your Home

Whether or not it is the eye-catching crops and shrubs or the stunning decor, having sure objects in your yard can draw the correct of consideration to your property. Sadly, sure objects might be rolling out a welcome mat for undesirable company of the slithering selection. If you happen to’re seeking to keep away from bringing extra snakes near your house, there are some things you have to take away out of your yard instantly. Learn on to see what shocking objects pest specialists say might be serpent magnets.

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8 Issues in Your Yard That Appeal to Snakes

1. Tire Swings

Two young girls playing on a tire swing

Tire swings are a easy, timeless pleasure which might be as straightforward to arrange as they’re to have enjoyable with. However the seemingly innocent play characteristic will also be attracting snakes to your yard by accumulating rain and providing them a gradual water supply that can maintain them hydrated.

Specialists warn that tire swings, slides, and different toys that lie low to the bottom can probably function a watering trough. If you happen to’re not able to half methods together with your playground, contemplate drilling small holes within the backside of the tire that can permit it to empty and cease rainwater from pooling up.

And you may additionally wish to be cautious of different “outside play tools, particularly these with hidden, shaded areas [that] can present a spot for snakes to cover,” cautions A.H. David, a snake professional and founding father of Pest Management Weekly. “Think about putting play areas away from dense vegetation and nearer to human exercise, as snakes are inclined to keep away from such areas.”

2. Chook feeders

Bird Feeder in Front Yard
Jaclyn Vernace / Shutterstock

Watching visiting birds collect round your window-mounted feeder is usually a genuinely pleasant sight. Sadly, it might additionally create the proper circumstances that can deliver snakes proper into your yard.

“Chook feeders themselves do not appeal to snakes, however the birds and rodents they appeal to do,” explains David. “Spilled seeds usually draw small mammals like mice and squirrels, that are potential meals sources for snakes. Repeatedly cleansing up fallen seeds and putting hen feeders away from the home can assist cut back this danger.”

If you happen to nonetheless plan on hanging a feeder, ensure that to do it farther from your home and solely maintain it stuffed throughout the winter, which is when birds want it most and snakes will likely be a lot much less lively in attempting to find meals.

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3. Birdbaths and different water options

Blue jays in a bird bath
Shutterstock / Bonnie Taylor Barry

“Water options like ponds, birdbaths, or perhaps a easy pet’s water dish can appeal to snakes, significantly in dry areas the place water is scarce,” says David. “They’re interested in the water itself, but in addition to the frogs, birds, and different animals that collect there.”

Once more, contemplate putting this stuff farther from your house when you should have them, and maintain your pet’s water and meals inside.

4. Woodpiles and lumber

A woodpile on palates behind a house

If you happen to dwell in an space that is liable to chilly climate, you understand how necessary it may be to have loads of logs available to maintain your hearth roaring when the temperature drops. However in response to David, “Stacked firewood, compost piles, leaf piles, and another kind of particles can create engaging hiding locations for snakes.”

“These buildings present shelter from the weather and predators. They’ll additionally appeal to rodents which snakes prey upon,” he explains. “To make these much less interesting, retailer firewood on racks above the bottom and away from your home. Repeatedly keep your compost and clear up leaves and different particles promptly.”

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5. Backyard hoses

A coiled hose on the ground beside a house

They could be very important to retaining your flowers blooming and your grass inexperienced, however backyard hoses might also be attracting snakes into your yard. Not solely can snakes conceal within the coiled-up pile, however dripping or leaking hoses can result in standing water, which these reptiles love.

As an alternative of coiling your hoses on the bottom, contemplate putting in a wall mount or a reel that may maintain your watering tools off the bottom and cease it from changing into residence to a slithering stranger. If you happen to discover that your hose is leaking the place it attaches to the tap, strive wrapping it in plumber’s tape to create a greater seal, or change the fixture.

6. Vegetable gardens

man harvesting vegetables in garden
Joshua Resnick / Shutterstock

Whether or not you are rising greens like tomatoes and zucchini or you’ve got massive fruit bushes yielding lemons or apples, having such recent produce in your yard might be drawing snakes in.

“These appeal to numerous small animals and bugs, which might subsequently appeal to snakes on the lookout for a meal,” notes David. “Repeatedly harvesting ripe produce, promptly selecting up fallen fruit, and sustaining a clear backyard can assist to cut back the probability of attracting snakes.”

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7. Rock gardens and stone partitions

A small decorative waterfall in the garden. Landscape design feng shui

Rustic options like rock gardens and stone partitions add a whole lot of character to a yard—nonetheless, they might even be including a better probability of snakes since they will function a fantastic hiding spot.

“If you happen to’re in a snake-prone space and these options are near your home, you may wish to rethink their design or placement,” cautions David.

8. Elevated decks or porches

backyard with balanced feng shui elements
Artazum / Shutterstock

In response to Critter Management, areas beneath your house make nice “nesting websites” for snakes since they supply shelter, are darkish and damp, and “because the soil beneath homes is usually wealthy in snakes’ favourite insect prey.”

“Gaps and cracks in constructing foundations permit the pests to slither beneath buildings,” they clarify. “The voids beneath porches and decks additionally act as pathways to the underside of houses.”

To make sure snakes cannot entry these areas, ensure that even the smallest crack is sealed. “And verify for entry factors in sheds and different outside buildings,” Scot Hodges, vp {of professional} improvement and technical companies at Arrow Exterminators, beforehand instructed Greatest Life.

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