Allegedly Khawaja Asif’s daughter dancing video viral on Social Media – Viral Video

A video has gone viral on social media since yesterday during which a lady is dancing to music in a personal celebration, the woman is being known as Khawaja Asif’s daughter on social media, Moeed Pirzada tweeted about it.

Moeed Pirzada’s tweet on the alleged leaked video of Khawaja Asif’s daughter

I totally Agree! I’ve not seen the video, nor am I ! However the dialogue is abhorrent! Pakistan has regressed quicker than our wildest imaginations! Having stated this, saner heads in PMLN should replicate on how their actions have given rise to a demonic scary Pakistan…

— Moeed Pirzada (@MoeedNj) May 2, 2023

Khwaja Asif ke Beti Ki Dance ki Video Viral Hogai

Moeed Pirzada made this tweet by quoting the tweet of a consumer named Muhammad Ahmad Pinsota. See the tweet of Muhammad Ahmad Pinsota

I strongly oppose & condemn sharing somebody’s personal video. Structure protects human dignity. Let’s respect somebody’s privateness and cease focusing on a feminine. I hope this will carried out throughout the board. Let comply with disagree with decency.

— Muhammad Ahmad Pansota (@Pansota1) May 1, 2023

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