Anupama Latest Written Episode Update 22 July 2023

The most recent written replace on as we speak’s episode of Anupama 22 July 2023. The episode begins with the scene when a Authorities officer when he sealed Anupama Dance Academy and informs Malti Devi that he did his job then sends the video to her as proof she says good and disconnects the calls then Anupama tries to the touch the ft of Malti Devi however she stops her and asks if she got here for forgiveness and Anupama nods then Malti Devi fits and take Ghunghroo and offers to Anupama.


At Shah’s home, all are nervous and will get offended that how it may be doable and asks how they will seal Anupama dance academy Dimpy informs them that Samar additionally didn’t get any fund or cash then Toshu asks Samar why he let it go then Samra says now could be necessary to avoid wasting Anupama dance academy. Leela says and thinks if this occurs due to Malti Devi she is the one behind to sealed Anupama dance academy.

The scene shifts to Anupama and Malti Devi once more the place Malti Devi provides Ghungroo to Anupama and asks him to bounce Anupma wears Ghunghroo and get shocked to listen to the tune when she is nearly dance as a result of Malti Devi performed Shila ki Jawani and does Bharatnatyam dance on the tune then Malti Devi performs one other tune and he or she continues enjoying songs as an alternative of soulful and devotional songs however Anupama does Bharatanatyam dance on all songs then Nakul says to Malti Devi you aren’t punishing her however humiliating her and likewise dance however Malti Devi doesn’t cease and continues to play songs.

Anuj tells Ankush he’s nervous for Anupama if Malti Devi provides information punishment her and the scene shifts to Shah’s home Vanraj informs Anupama went to satisfy Mlati Devi for forgiveness when he referred to as Pakhi after which all begin once more speaking about Malti Devi and Anupama and Dimpy thinks they haven’t one other subject beside Anupama.


Anupama repeatedly dances and falls down drained and Shortness of breath on Malti Devi’s ft. She apologizes to Mlati Devi however Malti Devi asks to her rise up and asks even now she needs forgiveness then Anupama says sure and tells she is going to do issues for her forgiveness then Malti Devi says it’s a must to do one factor when you accomplish that she is going to forgive Anupama and evens hugs her and stares to Anupama and remembers her all moments when Anupama promising to her she won’t break her belief however she did.

Dimpy thinks Samar and her profession are ruined and so they have an enormous loss all due to Anupama however nobody cares as an alternative of them all of them nervous for Anupama. Ankush tells Anuj to deliver Anupama bak however Anuj tells her she strictly warned him to not come between her and Malti Devi.

Malti Devi says to Anupama has to sacrifice her household and stay the remainder of her life for her expertise and Anupama stands surprised and stays silent. Malti Devi insults Anupama and throws out her from Gurukul.

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