Copperhead Snake Bites Are Increasing—5 Ways to Protect Yourself

Nobody likes the thought of getting a run-in with a venomous snake like a copperhead, whether or not it is on their property or out in nature. However due to higher-than-average temperatures, these reptiles have turn out to be lively earlier within the 12 months than regular, bringing a rise in sightings and chew incidents together with it.

“Copperhead snakes are frequent in lots of out of doors environments, notably within the southern and japanese U.S.,” Gene Caballero, co-founder of garden companies firm GreenPal, tells Finest Life. “However perceive that they’re an integral a part of the ecosystem and often aren’t keen on confronting people except they really feel threatened.”

Thankfully, you possibly can nonetheless preserve your self protected even in case you occur to dwell of their habitat by following just a few suggestions. Learn on to study methods to guard your self from copperhead snakes, in line with specialists.

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A closeup of a copperhead snake sitting on rocks with its head raised
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One of many trickiest components about avoiding copperheads is that they are naturally camouflaged and will be laborious to identify. However in line with specialists, anybody who lives of their habitat ought to at all times preserve their eyes peeled when working open air or having fun with nature.

“When climbing or strolling the canine, remember to test underneath any log, rock pile, or different fallen particles earlier than approaching or sitting down,” Roger Dickens, wildlife technical companies supervisor at Ehrlich Pest Management, tells Finest Life. “Bites typically happen when a human hand is mistaken for a prey species or the snake feels threatened.”

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Typically, even staying alert is not sufficient to maintain you away from all snake encounters. That is why placing on the appropriate gear will be important to conserving your self protected.

“If you understand you may be outdoors, particularly in a snake-prone space, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, it’s best to put on lengthy sleeves, lengthy pants, thick socks, and boots,” says Ben McInerney, founding father of Dwelling Backyard Guides. “It may not appear obligatory on the time, however this clothes will act as important safety in opposition to snake bites!”

Protecting up your extremities might help stave off any severe harm. “Copperheads are pit vipers with comparatively brief fangs,” says Caballero. “Carrying strong clothes can forestall them from reaching your pores and skin.”

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A copperhead snake moving through grass
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One of the vital frequent guidelines for avoiding snake bites is to look rigorously earlier than you step or attain into any space the place they is perhaps hiding. That is very true for anybody doing yardwork or trekking by way of thick brush.

“When working in dense foliage or areas the place visibility is low, use lengthy instruments like a hoe or a follow probe the world earlier than continuing,” says Caballero. “This reduces the possibility of by chance stepping on a copperhead and frightening an assault.”

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Specialists have famous that copperheads have proven a formidable means to deal with human encroachment on their territory in recent times. So in case you’re attempting to maintain your property from changing into a well-liked hangout for the reptiles, it is best to remain on high of yard work and preserve issues tidy general.

“Snakes love to cover in tall grass, underbrush, mounds of leaves, and different particles like wooden or stone piles, so it is best to keep away from a majority of these areas altogether,” says McInerney. “If it is inevitable, then ensure to tread rigorously and slowly or use a software to achieve the place you possibly can’t see.”

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A copperhead snake coiled on the ground
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Though they’ve a fearsome repute, copperheads are nonetheless a naturally shy and non-aggressive species. Which means barring any accidents or surprises, conserving your distance from them ought to be greater than sufficient to maintain you protected.

“Should you see a copperhead, depart it alone,” says Dickens. “Don’t attempt to push it away, catch it, or disturb it. They’re very quick and may strike with out warning.”

Should you’re nonetheless involved that too many are hanging out, do not attempt to resolve the issue your self. As an alternative, Dickens suggests calling in an expert to relocate the animals in a means that is protected each for people and the snakes concerned.

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