Imlie Latest Written Episode Update 7th July 2023

The most recent written updates on immediately’s of Imlie 7 July 2023. The episode begins with the scene when Kairi jumps saying Princess Mamma and monkey papa are pals now. Arthav sends Kiari into her room after which asks Imlie what she is saying then Imlie asks about Dhairya’s cellphone and he tells that he founds it on the ground however Imlie nonetheless questioning him after which he says if she doesn’t consider him so why does she asking questions.


Imlie reminds him that how he did break her belief a number of instances and explains as soon as belief is damaged then it can’t be fastened. Arthav takes to her apart and tells her to cease doubting on him and says see in his eyes if he’s actually responsible then Imlie relax within the center Kairi comes and asks them in the event that they nonetheless hugging one another then disclose that Chini asks to her to look the cell down which fell on the ground and subsequently she is right here then Imlie says she wants to search out out why Chini desires Dhairya cell.

Imlie gathers household and confronts Chini that why she is looking for Dhairya’s cellphone then Chini lies she simply sees that cell phone on the ground and thinks to pickup to return to its proprietor therefore she doesn’t comprehend it’s Dhairya’s Cellphone. Arthav defends Chini and tells to Imlie cease her Drama however Imlie says she is going to give this cellphone to the police to retrieve Dhairya’s cellphone information in the meantime Akash tells Kiya that Rudra asks to him to affix the workplace tomorrow when she is enjoying chess.

Imlie will get inspector calls and says that they retrieved Dhairya’s cellphone and located a video during which the assassin’s ft could be seen and he or she catches them whereas seeing their ft then Chini will get tensed and apprehensive.


Constable delivers an envelope to the safety guard and asks him to offer it to solely Imlie Madam. Imlie watches the hiding and thinks the perpetrator can’t escape now. She notices a person taking the envelope from the guard and says she caught him. He turns, and he or she finds a servant with Kairi holding an envelope.

Kairi says she likes puzzles and somebody referred to as on her cell and stated somebody is ready outdoors with a puzzle, so she got here out. Anu watches them hiding and recollects tricking Kairi. Imlie tells her to go inside and play and thinks Murderes is within the household itself.

The household asks concerning the assassin to Imlie then Arthav says she is barely pretending and no video is in there and performed a drama considering their household is the assassin’s household. Adopted us for extra updates and keep tuned with social telecast.

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