The 5 Best Houseplants That Thrive in Humidity, Experts Say

The 5 Best Houseplants That Thrive in Humidity, Experts Say

As most seasoned and novice plant mother and father know, not each houseplant is appropriate for each home. Earlier than selecting a plant, you will wish to think about your house’s publicity to daylight, in addition to your means to care for it (sure, some crops are extra finicky than others and may solely be bought by extra skilled caretakers). One issue you may not think about, although, is your property’s moisture ranges and whether or not or not you’ve got discovered a humidity-tolerant houseplant.

Should you’re in an excellent dry space, a plant that is used to rising within the rainforest will in all probability shrivel up and die. Nevertheless, in case your front room local weather mimics that of a steam room, then a humidity-loving plant will in all probability thrive.

Right here, plant and gardening specialists define the very best houseplants to purchase in case you reside in a damp atmosphere. Whereas your house would possibly generally really feel stuffy to you, these crops will really feel proper at residence with the additional moisture.

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The 5 Greatest Humidity-Tolerant Houseplants

1. Peace Lily

peace lily houseplant
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These flowering crops are native to the tropical rainforests of South America, in order that they really feel proper at residence in humid areas.

“Peace lilies love humidity as a result of their stomata, the tiny openings within the leaf floor, are extra open in humid situations, which permits higher fuel alternate and permits them to photosynthesize extra successfully, resulting in more healthy and quicker progress,” explains Tony O’Neill, a gardening knowledgeable, educator, and founding father of Simplify Gardening.

To care to your peace lily, plant it in a well-draining potting combine in oblique daylight. Wipe its leaves with a moist fabric to stop mud buildup, which may gradual photosynthesis.

“Some extent to notice is that whereas they love humid environments, they do not require frequent watering,” says O’Neill. “You must solely water them when the highest inch of the soil feels dry to the contact.”

In addition they take in water simply, which may additionally assist scale back the humidity in your house—a win for each you and the lily!

2. Boston Fern


Boston ferns look simply as fabulous in hanging pots as they do in standing ones. The plant is native to the tropics, which explains its love for humidity.

“It may be a wonderful alternative for rooms with moisture or in case you reside in a naturally humid local weather,” says Stephen Sullivan, plant knowledgeable and editor of Plant Native. “They’ve tailored to soak up moisture from the air and thrive in environments the place humidity ranges from 50 % to 80 %.”

Hold them in brilliant, oblique daylight and water them sufficient to maintain the soil constantly moist. Within the winter, you could wish to mist your fern with a twig bottle just a few occasions per week to maintain it comfortable.

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3. Chinese language Evergreen

Aglaonema First Diamond (Aglaonema foliage, Spring Snow Chinese Evergreen) planted in a ceramic pots decoration in the living room. Houseplant care concept. Indoor plants. Decoration on the desk.

One other plant that is native to the tropics, the Chinese language evergreen grows leathery leaves in shades of inexperienced, silver, and crimson.

“It not solely provides magnificence to your property but additionally helps to purify the air,” says Andrew Laurier, gardening knowledgeable and editor of Be.Inexperienced.

The plant can thrive in areas with low pure mild and does not require a rigorous watering schedule—Laurier suggests permitting the highest inch of soil to dry out earlier than including extra. The plant is delicate to chilly drafts, so watch the place you place it in the course of the winter (and preserve it removed from the AC).

4. Philodendron


Philodendrons are probably the most common low-maintenance crops—so positively go for this humidity-lover in case you’re new to plant parenthood.

“They arrive in numerous sizes and styles, making them versatile for various indoor areas,” says Laurier. Plus, they will adapt to many mild conditions, simply do not place them in direct daylight, which may scorch their leaves.

Water your philodendron when the soil will get dry—you do not wish to overwater these guys, as it could possibly trigger root rot.

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5. Orchids

woman taking care of orchid
Mariia Boiko / Shutterstock

The final humidity-proof plant additionally produces flowers. “Orchids are beautiful and chic crops, that are identified for his or her tropical vibes, that thrive in humid environments,” says Jane Hart, a floral knowledgeable at FloraQueen.”Excessive humidity ranges assist these crops take in moisture by means of their aerial roots and keep their lush foliage.”

Place them in oblique mild to imitate the cover impact of tall timber within the rainforest and water them totally in a well-draining orchid potting combine.

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