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The 7 Luckiest Tarot Cards, According to Experts

Whether or not you’ve got been visiting an expert tarot reader for years otherwise you not too long ago bought your individual tarot card deck to start out dabbling within the historical observe, there are particular playing cards that you will all the time be joyful to get, and others that you simply’d most likely choose by no means to see. However in response to consultants, it doesn’t matter what query you’ve got posited earlier than a studying, there are a number of particularly fortunate tarot playing cards.

“Tarot playing cards have lengthy been used as a device for divination and steering, providing insights into varied points of life; serving as highly effective instruments for …self-reflection,” explains Ashley Ryan, who goes by the title Pythian Priestess and is the host of the podcast The Occult Unveiled. “Inside the deck, there are particular playing cards that exude an air of luck and constructive power, bringing forth blessings in varied points of life. These fortunate tarot playing cards maintain the facility to light up the trail towards prosperity, pleasure, and success.”

To listen to from Ryan and different tarot consultants, maintain studying for his or her full listing of the seven luckiest tarot playing cards.

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The Sun tarot card
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All six consultants we consulted agreed that the Solar is among the luckiest tarot playing cards. Rogers calls it the “archetypal happiness card” and says it represents “constructive power, success, abundance, and pleasure.”

“This card is celebratory and open, depicting a unadorned baby using a horse, symbolizing freedom, purity, unencumbered happiness, enthusiasm, [and] playfulness,” Rogers explains. “The kid is drawn in entrance of a walled backyard full of sunflowers. The partitions point out a protected and guarded area and a harmonious setting.”

This card is so fortunate, in truth, that Ryan says, “Even when the cardboard is the other way up, it maintains a lot of its upright that means.”

In case you obtain the cardboard, Maria Hayes, astrologer and tarot reader at Trusted Astrology, says it is encouraging you to attach together with your internal baby.

“This isn’t the time so that you can take life too significantly,” she shares. “As a substitute, you’re being referred to as to see the world with a baby’s eyes [and] have enjoyable within the issues that you simply do.”

The Star tarot card with a laid out deck behind it
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Just like the Solar, the Star is a card all readers agree is fortunate.

“Once more, we see a unadorned individual, kneeling on the fringe of a pure pool or river, embodying an openness and purity of instinct,” says Rogers.

Matthias Dettmann, a psychologist, tarot reader, and astrologer, says this card represents hope, non secular steering, optimism, therapeutic, and the success of goals.

“Drawing this card signifies a lucky path forward and the assist of the universe in manifesting one’s needs,” he notes.

But it surely would not essentially imply you are in a constructive place at present.

“The Star reminds us that even within the darkest instances, there may be all the time one thing to look ahead to,” provides Ryan. “This card usually signifies that luck is throughout us, ready for us to grab it.”

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Person holding the Wheel of Fortune tarot card
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The Wheel of Fortune is symbolic of the truth that life is all the time turning.

“This card represents that change is all the time fixed and a change in luck can occur by destiny, future, or by impressed motion,” explains Maggie Wilson, an expert tarot reader and writer of The Metaphysical Hashish Oracle Deck.

“Drawing the Wheel of Fortune means that lucky occasions or constructive shifts are on the horizon,” says Dettmann.

Nonetheless, astrologer and tarot professional Kerry Ward, notes that “not all of it is going to be constructive (each want has a value), however it can all end up all proper ultimately, so benefit from the journey and welcome the transformation.”

“This encourages us to take dangers and settle for no matter fortune comes our manner with an open coronary heart,” agrees Ryan.

Ace of Cups tarot card with multiple cards behind
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In line with Ward, all Ace playing cards “predict a brand new starting or alternative,” however consultants agree that it is the Ace of Cups that’s really fortunate.

“The Ace of Cups represents emotional success, love, and pleasure,” says Dettmann. “It signifies the start of constructive feelings, new relationships, and deep emotional connections. Drawing this card usually suggests a lucky time for issues of the guts and emotional well-being.”

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Ten of Pentacles tarot card on wood background with other cards fanned out behind it
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As Rogers explains, the truth that the Ten of Pentacles depicts three generations of a household, full with a pair of canines and a citadel within the background, is consultant of fabric abundance, stability, and monetary stability.

“It represents the rewards of arduous work, prosperity, and a safe basis,” provides Dettmann. “Drawing this card suggests a interval of monetary luck, stability, and the potential for generational wealth.”

Ten of Cups tarot card on red background with white flowers next to it
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The Ten of Cups is one other card that reveals a household, on this case dancing below a rainbow.

“It suggests you’re surrounded with a large number of blessings, whether or not in loving relationships, household, emotional well-being, materials abundance, or the entire above,” shares Rogers.

Ryan notes that it is particularly fortunate by way of romance. “That is the cardboard that means that you’ve or will discover real love and emotional satisfaction,” she says.

Moreover, should you’re contemplating beginning a household, she shares that it is one of many luckiest playing cards to attract.

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Three of Cups tarot card with a laid out deck behind it
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The Three of Cups card reveals three younger ladies dancing fortunately in a area of fruit and veggies, holding cups as much as the sky, “desirous to obtain extra from the heavens,” says Hayes. “That is one other indication that abundance is on the way in which in your life, and you’re to embrace all of them.”

Nonetheless, Hayes notes that this does not essentially imply wealth is coming your manner.

“This card additionally signifies that it is possible for you to to spend time together with your family members,” she provides.

Wilson agrees with this sentiment and says the Three of Cups “represents a time of social concord, good relationships, and constructive connections.”

Tarot card reader holding THE SUN card and tarot cards on table near burning candles in candle light
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Ward shares that when you do a tarot studying can even influence your luck. She says Thursday is auspicious “as at the present time is dominated over by Jupiter, which is the planet governing luck and success.”

“New Moons are additionally a time of abundance and alternative, a time to ask what’s across the nook for you in a great way!” she provides.