The Alluring Female News Anchors of Pakistan and Their Impact on Average Salaries

The Alluring Female News Anchors of Pakistan and Their Impact on Average Salaries

A good portion of Pakistan’s media panorama now features female anchors who have made their mark in the industry, appearing on talk shows and newscasts alike. These talented women are not only recognized as influential figures but also add charm and excitement to the somber and intense news coverage.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most alluring female news anchors currently gracing the airwaves of prestigious news organizations in Pakistan. We will explore their excellent presenting skills, impeccable fashion sense, and the potential impact of their success on the average salaries in Pakistan.

Most Beautiful News & TV Anchors in Pakistan

  1. Shiffa Yousafzai
  2. Madiha Abid Ali
  3. Rabia Anum Obaid
  4. Kiran Naz
  5. Summaiya Rizwan
  6. Maria Memon
  7. Ayesha Bakhsh
  8. Bushra Haq
  9. Saba Shahzad
  10. Sadaf Yasir Khan
  11. Muneezay Moeen
  12. Jannat Jamshed
  13. Shiffa Yousafzai:

Shiffa Yousafzai, born in Swat in 1986, showed an early interest in journalism. She has worked as a journalist, TV host, and media personality, focusing on social justice, women’s empowerment, and human rights issues. As the host at Hum News, Shiffa is a well-known figure in Pakistan’s media sector, earning numerous awards for her efforts. Her popularity and success have the potential to influence the average salaries in Pakistan’s media industry positively.

Madiha Abid Ali

Madiha Abid Ali, born in Lahore in 1986, is a versatile journalist and TV host. She has worked as a program anchor and special correspondent for Lahore News, hosting prime-time television shows. With experience on various news channels, Madiha has interacted with professionals from different domains. Her presence and expertise in the industry contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the media sector, ultimately influencing average salaries in Pakistan.

Rabia Anum Obaid

Rabia Anum, born in Karachi in 1990, started her career as a Geo News commentator. Alongside her work in the media, she owns and operates a salon called “,” providing employment opportunities for women. Rabia’s popularity as a news anchor and host positions her as a significant influencer in Pakistan’s media landscape. Her contributions and success potentially shape the industry, impacting average salaries and creating opportunities for aspiring news anchors.

Kiran Naz

Kiran Naz, born in Karachi in 1990, entered the media industry as a journalist after completing her education. Her career as a news anchor began on Geo Super, where she read sports news. Over time, Kiran gained recognition for her news reading skills and joined Samaa TV Network as a news anchor. Her captivating presence and excellent delivery make her a prominent figure in Pakistan’s news industry, likely influencing the average salaries in the sector.

Summaiya Rizwan

Summaiya Rizwan, born in Islamabad in 1986, is known for her work as a journalist, host, and news anchor. She has made significant contributions to news programs on Bol News and ARY News. With a Master’s degree in Mass Communications from Karachi University, Summaiya’s expertise and dedication add value to the media industry in Pakistan. Her success and influence can potentially impact the average salaries of news anchors in the country.


The presence of alluring and talented female news anchors in Pakistan’s media industry brings a unique blend of professionalism and attractiveness to the screen. Anchors like Shiffa Yousafzai, Madiha Abid Ali, and Rabia Anum Obaid have not only gained popularity but have also contributed significantly to shaping the industry.

Their success has the potential to influence the average salaries in Pakistan’s media sector, offering better opportunities and recognition for aspiring news anchors. The collective efforts of these remarkable women contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the industry, ensuring a dynamic and vibrant media landscape in Pakistan.

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