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Swingers Date Club aka SDC Swingers aka SDC.com! Not every website that you visit in order to feed your endlessly lustful appetites has to be an orgiastic smorgasbord of escorts and porn and all-out fuck fests with anal gaping and


Sugar Daddy Meet! I’ve gotten some flack over the years for my visits to high-class escorts and back-alley crackwhore BJs. I’ve had people tell me it’s better to hook-up with local fatties on Tinder, or use some expensive computer-dating service


My Sugar Daddy has the kind of title that’s hard to work into an opening line without suggesting I’ve got a fat-pocketed dude footing my bills in exchange for a little romance. Personally, I tend to be on the opposite


Are you tired of hooking up with hot sluts on regular dating sites only to find out that they are painfully vanilla in bed? It’s a story as old as time. You take them back for some hardcore BDSM sex


TS Dates! One of the great things about being the internationally famous Porn Dude is that bitches always want my cock. I find it when I’m out and about, and I also find it online, and I always want it


SLS.com! Do you live the Swing Lifestyle, or have you ever considered swapping partners with other horny local couples? Before the Internet, it was hard to find like-minded swingers to fool around with, but we’ve come a long fucking way